Welcome to www.inadainadainada.com ! Now, basically this site is Japanese only. One of these days, English version will be available.

Recently, the number of accesses to this site from the overseas is increasing. So I write a self-introduction lightly.

My name is Yohei Inada. I graduated The University of Tokyo Mechanical Engineering Master degree course in 2001. Now I work in a heavy industrial mechanical engineer while I am just a GEEK in weak current technology. So I can suggest such a patent proposal .

Did you laugh at that patent proposal ? If the answer is yes! , that is my unexpected honor and pleasure. I love a laugh. I trust that laugh is the most important notion for humanbeings.

If you are interested in me, please send an e-mail to me. : inadainadainada@yahoo.co.jp.I would like to answer faithfully as far as it is possible!

Do you like music ? Inada Band in Japan (on YOUTUBE) is available !








★いなだバンド(Inada Band in Japan)(on YouTube)(いなだ個人の作編曲MP3置き場)(Inada's personally composing and arranging music mp3s are placed!)




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